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New G75 Gravity PISTOL TRIGGER AIRBRUSH SET KIT Spray Gun Hobby Sunless Tanning
US $26.99
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Grex GCK01 Combo Kit with Genesis.XT and AC1810-A Air Compressor Airbrush

The GCK01 Airbrush Combo Kit is perfect for beginners who are looking for a place to starts as well as those users that want to quickly set up an airbrush system from the box. Included is the Instructional DVD and additional accessories.

  • One of the most comprehensive and versatile airbrush combo kits on the market
  • Includes popular and easy to use Genesis.XT double action pistol style airbrush, 1/8 HP on-demand compressor, G-MAC(TM) and many accessories
  • User can setup complete airbrush system from the box and be ready to go
  • Wide range of applications: fine arts, automotive, food, makeup, hobby, textiles and murals
  • 6 Year Limited Warranty on Airbrush and 1 Year Limited Warranty on Air Compressor

List Price: $ 499.98
Price: $ 377.99

Viatek IBOD Airbrush Tanning System

Get a gorgeous tan in the comfort of your own home with the I-BOD Airbrush Instant Tanning System. It's the latest and easiest way to apply sunless tanning solution to your body. The I-BOD sprays out a fine mist that dries completely in 5 to 10 minutes. The tan lasts 7-10 days and we give you enough solution to last over 6 months (32 applications). Unit has an LED light to help guide application. I-BOD has a rechargable battery for a cord free convenience and can be used anywhere. The I-BOD nozzle provides concentrated stream of solution just inches away from your body for touchfree application. Includes adapter, rechargeable Tanning unit, 8 oz bottle of DHA Tanning Solution, 2 oz tan extender and 2 oz exfoliator. Get an even tan, every time, all year around.

  • No tan lines, sunburn or harmful UV rays
  • Tan lasts 7 - 10 Days and we supply enough solution for over 32 applications
  • Unit comes with Tanning Unit, Recharger, adapter, 8 oz of Tanning solution, 2 oz of extender & exfoliator
  • LED Guide to help application
  • Hands free application.

Rating: (out of 6 reviews)

List Price: $ 49.99
Price: $ 39.57

Viatek IBOD Airbrush Tanning System Reviews

Review by Amazon Stockholder:

I go 3-4 times a month for a machine mist or airbrush tan at my local salon. I didn't buy this as a replacement for that. I bought it for traveling when I am away from home for more than a couple of days or for when I'm busy and don't have time to visit the salon. This product will be a perfect compliment for that.

I first used this product a few days after I got a spray tan at my local salon. I noticed absolutely NO change in my skin tone whatsoever, so I thought the tanning solution was a total rip. I decided to give it another try, so I waited for another 4 days, until the day before I was to go and get another tan, as my current skin tone was almost back to my norm (light complected).

I then sprayed the solution again only onto 1 side of my chest, upper thigh, and left buttocks. After spraying, I noticed very little if any change. Again, I thought the solution was useless. However, the next morning, I got up and looked in the mirror, and I was tan in the areas that I had sprayed, and still light everywhere else.

I was expecting an "instant" tan color, like at my salon, but what I found out, is that this solution takes time to work. It does NOT contain any instant bronzer, like the solutions do at my regular salon, so the color change is not instant. With only DHA as the colorant, it has to absorb into your skin over the next 4 hours to see any really visible changes.

I've decided to buy some other tanning solutions from the web and use with my iBod airbrush gun.

After doing some research online, I found a nice selection of product, with varying sizes, and some of the cheapest prices at

I think I should have even better results with some of these other products. If the included tanning solution had been better, I would've definitely given this product 5 stars.

Review by A. Smith:

I bought this product hoping it would work, but honestly feeling it probably wouldn't. I was so pleased to try it & find out that not only does it work, but the results are very natural looking! I have spent almost every year since I was a teenager in the sun because I LOVE being tan. I feel like my skin is beginning to show that. I decided this year I would start protecting my skin...but hated the thought of being pale all summer. Lucky me I found a solution!!! My only complaint is that the product doesn't include very good directions. I found a website that has a "how to" video which I found very helpful! Anyway...good product!!!

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Grex GBH-10 10-Feet Braided Nylon Air Hose with 1/8-Inch Female Bothe Ends

List Price: $ 31.95
Price: $ 25.95

Grex Genesis.XT Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Side Gravity Airbrush, 0.35-mm Nozzle, 7ml and 15ml Cups

  • Easy-to-use and ergonomic double action "pull" trigger controls both air and paint
  • Internally mixed, cutting edge design for precise control of fine detailed work.
  • Interchangeable and 360 Degree adjustable side mount reservoirs
  • Replaceable solvent proof teflon seals, precision machined stainless steel nozzle and needle
  • Preset adjustment knob for precise paint volume control

List Price: $ 199.98
Price: $ 159.00

Grex HD1 Airbrush Holder

List Price: $ 23.95
Price: $ 18.95

Grex Genesis.XA Single Action Top Gravity Airbrush, 0.3mm Nozzle, 7ml Cup

  • Easy to use single action push button with precise paint volume control knob
  • Interchangeable top mount reservoirs with integrated paint cup for minute amounts of paint
  • Internally mixed, cutting edge design for precise control of fine detailed work
  • Replaceable solvent proof teflon seals, precision machined stainless steel nozzle and needle
  • Convenient to clean design with short passageway from cup to nozzle for responsive feel

List Price: $ 129.98
Price: $ 109.00

GlowFusion Air Glow Air Gun

Introducing a revolutionary in-home self-tanning technology. The AirGlow Airbrush Gun is a totally seamless, sunless, sexy, head-to-toe tanning aitrbrush gun. You will achieve a perfect, customized shade of airbrushed glow in the comfort of your home. The first and only at-home airbrush gun blows out a sheer, vapor-light, even mist of tinted GlowFusion┬┐ Micro-Nutrient Protein Tan that dries on contact. GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Protein Tan is a proven micro-nutrient technology that distributes powerful vitamins and nutrients to boost skin's inherent, sexy lit-from-within luminosity to provide a streak-free, stain-free and dye-free glow. The fast-drying formula develops naturally and lasts up to two weeks without fading. Breakthrough cocoa complex delivers potent anti-aging properties and anti-oxidant protection. No need to smooth, spread or touch.

  • First and only at home do-it-yourself airbrush tanning gun
  • Fast drying, streak-free and odor-free self-tanning
  • Develops naturally and lasts up to two weeks without fading
  • Dermatologist recommended. Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 175.00
Price: $ 26.99

GlowFusion Air Glow Air Gun Reviews

Review by liz:

i was so excited to try this product. I assumed from the price it must be as good as it claims. WRONG!!! I have been self tanning for years and consider myself an expert in application. I followed the instructions letter perfect. The mist does not show up, you have no idea were the color is going. I ended up with the most streaked legs. The color took in some areas and not others. I tried it again the next day to fill in the white areas and ended up looking worse. I can't express enough how bad this product is. Save your money and stick with whatever product you've been using. You'll be happier I promise.

Review by shar89131:

First I want to say that I don't have any interest with the GlowFusion company....I've just done alot of research on how to properly apply self tanner by viewing videos on YouTube, etc. Okay, now I've tried a lot of other self tanners out there and I always turn out orangy and/or streaky. This tanning air gun is great! I love the cocoa smell of the tanning solution and it doesn't leave my skin smelling funky afterwards. My tan looks natural and it lasts me about 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks. No problems with streakiness here....the mist is so fine that it doesn't allow the solution to streak. Now, if you spray too close to your skin it will most likely start to drip and that's probably where other people are getting streaky results. The key is to spray the mist about 6-8 inches away just as the directions state, and you want to start in sections and work your way up slowly, i.e. knees down first, then thighs, then torso, etc. Also, while spraying you want to slightly overlap to prevent missing spots. On your legs and arms you want to spray in an Up & Down motion, slightly overlapping. On your torso, chest and face, the side to side motion works best, while again slightly overlapping. Also, a great tip is to add some thick lotion or vaseline on your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and hands as these areas have thicker skin and will soak up the tanner too much - I would suggest spraying these areas about 10-12 inches away and briefly. How I do my own upper back is I bend over like I'm touching my toes and then with one hand spray the mist in a side to side motion. On my lower back, I position the gun a certain way facing my body so that my thumb is on the trigger and I spray side to side. You can feel where the mist lands, so overlapping is quite easy. So, in conclusion, so far I've been using this system for about two weeks now and I'm very please with the results and ease of use. My tan is a natural brown bronze color, not orangy at all. My husband is even jealous that I'm darker than him and wants me to use it on him. :-)

Buy GlowFusion Air Glow Air Gun now for only $ 26.99!

Quick Application Tanning Spray Gun

The Paasche 300T-000 is a low pressure airbrush tanning spray gun. It gives a flat 5-6 Inch pattern for quick even application. Application time is reduced to 5 minutes or less. It can be used with the D200, D220R OR DA400 compressors.

  • Easy to use
  • Quick application
  • Easy to maintain

Price: $ 149.00

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