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Solar Panel Kits; Retail or Wholesale?

Solar panel kits were a logical step when I thought about rooftop solar. What if solar power kits consisting PV panels, mounting brackets, controller, inverter, switches, generator and batteries were available to be delivered to your home? Wouldn’t that provide an alternative solution for lower cost photovoltaic electrical power?You could have a local electrician install the solar kit. Size it to operate your home’s electrical appliances when your utility grid’s power prices fail to impress or you want off grid
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Do We Need A Renewable Energy Source?

Renewable energy sources provide the cleanest sources of energy. They don't induce pollutants into the environment. Compared with renewable energy technologies the conventional fossil fuel energy technologies aren't clean. We continue to generate electricity from both renewable and non renewable energy sources.​The Sun’s light and energy are the prime sources of renewable energy.  We can feel the power source of the Sun’s radiation. Its radiant heat and light energy are renewable energy sources. Many people associate alternative renewable energy sources with solar photovoltaic (PV)
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