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What is energy efficient roofing?

The energy efficiency roofing question In the context of energy efficiency, the roofing system needs to be insulated. The roof is a part of the building support structure. Walls support the roof above the ground and enclose the walled space. The roof frame supports the roof covering material that provides the building with weatherproofing.  A usual and obvious feature of many rooves is their slope. The slope helps to shed water to prevent it from entering the building from above. The
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Is solar energy expensive to maintain?

Is solar energy expensive Is solar energy expensive for the average homeowner? No: Solar energy is free. Solar systems have capital costs, but they are progressively getting more affordable. In a domestic situation, there are usually two types of solar panels. The photovoltaic (PV) panels absorb light photons to produce direct current (DC) electricity. There are solar thermal panels that absorb solar energy to heat water. For more than fifty years solar technology had a residential application. Over the last
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