Sun Power Team

Hello, I'm Barry.

My wife and I are developing this site to promote using sun power. That is the power sourced from nature. We love solar and wind power. 

I love to learn how things work. I'm an engineer, registered builder, infrastructure contract consultant and a sun power enthusiast. I am also a husband, father, friendly colleague, a dispute and conflict specialist.

We are about solar solutions for the home's electrical power. We’re interested in helping to find energy solutions that save money. In this site I seek to provide certainty and explain natural energy solutions.

Our Story

I love spending time with my wife. We relax with a coffee, enjoy to talk and walk together in new places.

We have started on a journey. This site was developed to explain natural sun power. It lets me write about solar and wind technology, to make suggestions and find answers to domestic energy questions.

I love to see nature from a different perspective. I am into skydiving, paragliding, motorcycling and travelling. As a person who is passionate about nature I encourage learning about the use of renewable power sources.

Barry Tonkin OAM HonFIEAust CPEng EngExec JP.

Engineer, Builder, Arbitrator, Mediator, Adjudicator.