The BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger Panel Review

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The BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger Panel is a rugged, durable, weatherproof phone and tablet recharger.

BigBlue 5V 28W Solar folding panel

You can charge up from the USB or its solar panel. It keeps those devices like cameras, phones and tablets charged, in all kinds of weather.

The BigBlue 5V 28W solar energy charger comes with digital ammeter dual USB port, foldable solar charger with waterproof Sunpower solar panels.

These are ideal for charging your cell phone, iPhone, and portable accessories during hiking, backpacking and outdoor camping.

Features Of The BigBlue 5V 28W

Built-in Ammeter and Chip:

  • The solar charger has a digital ammeter that shows the amount of Amps present
  • The internal chip assures a stable charge rate

Wide Compatibility:

  • There is an attached micro USB cable for almost all the Android devices and some of the digital single-lens reflex cameras
  • You will need extra cables for other device types

Safe Charge:

  • SunPower Solar Panels with high solar conversion efficiency

The BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger is Lightweight:

  • It’s easy to carry when folded. It is the size and thickness of a magazine

Robust Design:

  • Used for trekking, hiking, climbing, picnics, etc
  • Ideal for outdoor activities needing power such as camping, boating, fishing, etc

Special PET Polymer Surface:

  • This protects your solar panel and your devices from occasional rain or wet fog
  • Waterproof to IPX4 level. (i.e. resistant to water splashes from any direction)
  • Keep it away from water when you have any devices on charge

Package & Warranty:

  • BigBlue 5V 28W uses industrial-strength PET polymer fabric
  • 24-month warranty on the complete package

BigBlue Charging System

This portable solar charger is compatible with all USB rechargeable devices. It operates on sun energy so produces 100% green power and has amazing 21.5% to 23.5% solar efficiency.

Place the unfolded charger wherever you can access direct sunlight and the portable solar charger goes to work. You can relax, admiring the panorama as you charge your cell phone, tablet, GoPro, or camera.

Built-in Ammeter and Pocket with Zip

BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Panel

The BigBlue 5V 28W folding panel package includes 4 clip hooks, which allows you to hook your solar panel everywhere convenient to get solar access (trees, backpacks, vehicle, etc.)

The panels are rated as waterproof but this is rated for splashed water and intermittent sprinkled rain showers. An internal chip ensures that when the panel loses contact with sunlight for a period of time (walking through dense forest, rain cloud shadow, intermittent shadow from placing it on a moving backpack), it will stop charging until he comes back into contact with the sun's rays, without damaging your connected device.

The built-in ammeter and the pocket with a zip will keep your devices safe and clean while they are being charged. You need to remember that Apple devices have a chip that closes the phone down and stops the phone charging whenever its inner temperature get too hot.

This kind of situation may occur while charging the phone under full sun, even in the zip cover. One suggestion to save that happening is to use a longer cable and keep the phone in a ventilated area in shade. You need to place this solar charger in full sunlight without any shades or obstacles that may cause a shadow during the day.

Customer Feedback

Most customers gave the device a good rating. The rating was 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Here are some of the comments about the BigBlue 5V 28W:


  • 'I have tested 5 different folding solar chargers and this one is good or better than most. This 28-watt (4 Fold) version is capable of charging 3 devices. It has a rubber weather protector over the USB ports to protect from water and dust."
  • "I like the soft tie downs on this charger that give a little bit more flexibility for attaching this panel to a tent, tree, or backpack."
  • "This 28-watt solar charger has only 3 USB ports. That is actually a good thing. 3 Ports is the right size for a 28watt solar charger."
  • "I tested this charger outside in the late afternoon sun on a late September day in fall and I was able to get 3.1 Amps reliably out of it."
  • "Built rugged, the description says its waterproof but I haven’t tested that out yet. Love the carabineer clips to secure the panel; an amazing piece of technology."
  • "This solar charger works well and would be a great choice for anyone looking to buy a solar charger. Just decide how many devices you want to be able to charge. If you want to be able to charge 3 devices, get the 28-watt charger; it will be more than adequate."

Very Positive:

  • "I took my solar charger with me to the beach and decided to charge my phone, which was at 15% battery. After plugging in my phone to one of the three USB ports it instantly started charging. I was absolutely amazed by this solar charger’s ability to charge my phone as fast as a wall charger. In an hour my phone was 80% charged from an ultra portable, super practical solar panel that will provide you with free electricity anywhere you go."
  • "This gadget starts to charge while my other portable solar cells wait for the sun to get higher in the sky. It somewhat charges on cloudy days while my other units won't."
  • "It charges tablets and smart phones fast in direct sunlight, much faster than my previous Goal Zero."

Not so Positive:

  • "After less than 20 days it died. Left this solar panel in full sun, which melted the charge controller."
  • "It doesn't have a battery pack to store energy. I have gone and bought a separate charger/external battery pack to use with it. I leave it on my car dash to charge the new battery pack so when I get back to the car I've got power waiting for me, even if it's already dark. Great buy."


BigBlue 5v 28w solar charger is a great portable gadget battery charger.

It's a solar support for your must have gadgets. It keeps the essential phones, cameras, tablets, and whatnots, charged. The BigBlue Solar Charger with Digital Ammeter and USB Ports is a compact foldable solar charger.

The Sunpower solar panels are waterproof and the USB connections are covered to be splash proof.

This is a great little mobile charging unit for your phone or tablet during backpack hiking, outdoor treks and camping. If you want one of these chargers, the button below will help you get there. I hope that you share this blog and leave a comment. It will be good to know your views. Feel free to explore the other articles on this website.

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