Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Charger Review

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The Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Charger is a durable, water resistant, shockproof, dust proof solar battery with dual USB ports for emergency use, outdoor camping and travel. 

This charger can be charged from a wall socket before initially heading out. That way you can charge your devices with it on the first night out, leave it out all day in the sun at the camp to recharge and use it to power gadgets at the same time.

The battery holds enough charge for your smartphone and tablet. The good thing is that while it is slow to replenish its battery from the small panel, the Apollo 2 will charge your smartphones and iPad at a good speed. This Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Charger when its fully charged is fast, powerful and efficient and fits into your pocket!

Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Charger

This power battery is a popular companion to the off-grid traveller. It is included in our buying guide as a good buy.

This device is really a portable battery with the ability to recharge with its small solar panel. It is well suited for short camping trips, or general hiking over a day or so. One drawback is that your USB charging cables are like mobile phone cables, they need to be carried to operate but they are not catered for.

Find a soft case to hold the Apollo 2 (as you might do for your phone) and its cables when travelling to prevent the solar panel getting damaged or the cables being lost.


The Apollo 2 is an upgraded solar charger that delivers a fast charging speed. The maximum output of dual ports is 3.4 amps

  • Ample Power Supply - 12000mAh power bank puts 4.5 charges into an iPhone 6s, or 3 charges into a Samsung Galaxy S5, and one charge into an iPad Mini
  • Outdoor Compact Design - The housing is built-with IPX7 waterproof material that ensures the Apollo 2 works even on rainy days 
  • It is shockproof and dust-proof 
  • The hook included makes it easy to hang on your backpack
  • Adjustable LED Flashlight - Built-in dual LED lights. There are 3 light modes, including an SOS function in an emergency

What You Get:

  • Poweradd Apollo x 1
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • Hook x 1
  • Feedback Card x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • 24-Month limited product Poweradd warranty
  • Friendly customer support

The Specifications

  • Product Dimensions                              5.9 x 3 x 0.6 inches
  • Item Weight                                             9.6 oz.
  • Shipping Weight                                     10.4 ounces
  • Battery Type:                                           Li-Polymer Battery Cell
  • Capacity:                                                 12000mAh/44.4Wh
  • Input:                                                        5V/2A
  • Output:                                                     5V/2.4A*2, 5V/3.4A total

The Pros

  • The power bank is water resistant
  • The durable PowerAdd power pack comes with a carabineer to attach it to your gear when you hit the trails
  • It's powerful but fully charge it every three months to extend its lifespan
  • The integrated battery is small, compact and easy to use
  • If the charging stops for any reason depressing the power button will get it charging again

The Cons

  • The power bank cannot be immersed into water or left in damp locations
  • Keep the power bank away from heat sources or flammable places
  • Do not leave it on a car windscreen to charge for a long time during the day, especially in summer as the high temperature may damage the power bank
  • The instructions are poor
  • It's heavy for its size (but it includes a battery)
  • Buttons are difficult to press; sometimes lights flash or cycle
  • When charging the phone sometimes it will just stop charging for no apparent reason
  • The very slow charging rate from solar means that when you've drained the battery on the trail you're done for the day 
  • Complete battery recharge is best done using a power outlet

Customer Questions

There were some questions from customers and some concerns listed below.

Question: How durable is it?

  • The Poweradd Apollo 2 is very well made. It can handle rough outdoor activity
  • The Poweradd is very durable, and works well for the price. It has survived being thrown into my car, is taken on backpacking trips, and camping. The prongs inside the USB port got bent and rendered the port useless. I contacted customer support and they replaced it promptly with no questions asked.

Question: Why does the PowerAdd turn itself off after my phone went to sleep, and wouldn't finish charging?

  • Make sure your Poweradd Apollo 2 is fully charged before charging the cell phone.

Question: Does this work for a galaxy phone and note 5?

  • Yes, it works for anything plugged into it. It worked on my iPhones and iPad without any issues.

Customer Feedback

Customers say the portable Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Charger is a 12000mAh Portable Power Bank.


It is very water resistant, shockproof and dust proof.


The dual USB ports and solar panels can charge the battery for emergency outdoor use and camping travel.

The comments from customers varied from ‘excellent’, like: "This Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Powered Powerbank is such a great product. You will absolutely love this product!"

There were also comments to indicate the product was ineffective, but the after sales service was exceptional.

  • One customer said the after sales service was good. The seller tried to make sure the buyer was satisfied and offered him a full refund when it was returned.
  • Another customer had a problem with durable battery bank. PowerAdd's customer service sent a replacement product for the defective one. He said that rest assured, PowerAdd will do its best to make it right.

It can take around 14.7 hours just to charge up this PowerAdd power pack using a USB in full sun, so this model will need an over night charge. A good feature is that it supports pass through charging. That could be important if you have this power pack connected to your computer for charging.

Used as a single outlet charger this unit works well, except it's slow for USB charging.

If it rans out of power the gadgets will start running using the solar.


The Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Charger panel is portable battery with a small solar panel as a backup capacity for small devices. It is a powerful, small sturdy charger.

Some customers say it’s a great charger and most highly recommend it.

Where issues required attention purchasers say they got very good customer service from the distributing agents.


    • Barry Tonkin

      Non ho avuto problemi con il mio caricatore solare come bagaglio a mano sull’aereo? Si inseriscono facilmente in una borsa per computer.

      or in English:
      I have had no problems with taking my solar charger as hand luggage on the plane? They fit into a computer bag easily.

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