Learning Solar Solutions Is Not Difficult At All! You Just Need A Great Teacher!

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The world's energy scenario has become 'renewable' over the last decade and focused on solar solutions. There has been an upsurge in interest shown by people for renewable sources of energy and that is not beginning to slow.

There have been significant technological advancements and innovations in the field of energy efficient appliances. An innovation is a change which, when implemented, provides the user with greater value.

On the back of falling prices of solar panels, batteries, and other ancillary equipment, there has been a rise in demand for solar solutions that improve household energy efficiency.

Homeowners across countries are shifting to solar solutions that give them energy on demand with the benefit of lower unit costs.

Solar Solutions

However, there is a still a large section of the energy market that is still contemplating continuing to choose the conventional sources of energy over renewable energy sources. The main reason for this lies in the lack of educating information, and relevant material about solar solutions.

Few people understand or care about where the electrical power they use comes from but that is changing. Some are interested in the pros and cons of various types of energy generation.

A report titled Householder Attitudes to Residential Renewable Energy Futures‘launched at Green Cities 2017 Conference by the Ginninderry Energy Research Team, raised this fact in their discussions. That report highlighted that education plays a strategic role in people making an informed decision about energy systems that they want to adopt. After people are properly informed about all options available, listing the costs and benefits to individuals and society, many choose to buy solar solutions.

Green Energy Solutions

The term green energy solutions encompasses all the energy solutions from sources that pose no harm to the environment. They include solutions that do not include the conventional energy sources. Extensive research has been conducted in this field. It has brought attention several of these energy solutions, while more solutions get added to the list every day. Some of the popular renewable energy solutions are Solar Power, Hydro Power, Wind Power, Biomass Power, Geothermal Power, and Biofuels.  

All of these renewable energy solutions are covered in more detail in my Alternative Energy Sources – Ebook, “The Renewable Energy Ebook”.

Green energy solutions do not only include these renewable sources of cleaner energy. The term has now adopted a wider connotation by including the meaning that we use this green energy in an efficient manner. Out of this list of renewables, one resource is gaining momentum: That being solar power systems.

Sunlight is the most accessible source of energy across the globe, and solar power is the preferred choice for most residential householders considering installing a renewable energy source. Even some industrial establishments are installing solar PV systems to reduce daytime power costs. We have all seen solar water heaters being used in both domestic and commercial applications and now solar photovoltaic energy is set to provide energy for electrical appliances too.

To adopt a solar solution may seem expensive at first glance. Not many of us will transfer from conventional grid power to solar solutions without encouragement of solid guarantees. We only see the solar option incurring huge upfront expenses. Not all homeowners are aware of the rebates available when they buy their solar system installation. Maybe, this gap of information limits your motivation to make the change.

You might not be interested in a fully off-grid solar power system that powers your house. However, there are many ground-level solar solutions that you can adopt in your everyday life. There are several small ways in which we can incorporate the best solar technology into your life and those ways do not require any training at all.

Let’s have a look at some of the energy solutions that solar provides and the providers who can facilitate your entry into the field of solar solutions.

solar solutions

Source: http://www.thinkrsi.com

Solar Solutions Window Tinting

Window tinting is a cool investment for your car but your home can benefit as well. Window tints block out 99% of the UVA and UVB rays which cause interior fading of your house and causing skin problems for you. The American Cancer Society states that UV radiation is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. Solar Tinting is done using a computer guided machine to cut window tinting for your car or house windows. That tinting gives the home a chic look and perfect fitting tinted glazing.

The main objective of window tinting is to block the Sun’s UV rays as much as possible. However, this does not mean that all radiation is blocked by the tinting. Some sunlight will pass through the windows of your house. The result of tinting is blocking the heat while allowing the light. Keep in your mind that different brands, different shades and different types of tint will determine the amount of heat and light that the window tint will reject. A standard window tint provides heat reduction of up to 35-45% and it can be as high as 75-80% for premier solar tinting.

Without tinting or any covering on the windows the house can start to get overheated which makes the AC work more. Over time that means more energy is used in home cooling. Tinting reduces the heat entering the house, which makes the temperature in each room more consistent throughout the day. With no tint on windows, the sun shining on windows generally heats rooms so well that the solar heating overtakes the cooling of air conditioning.

solar solutions

Source: http://www.tumbeela.com

Mobile Solar Solutions

An RV that uses solar panels can become energy self-sufficient and end its need to be plugged into the grid at camping grounds. These vehicles are examples of mobile solar solutions. Many RV solar energy solutions are the result of DIY solar set-ups.

This mobile home solar power solution is an example of where mobile electricity generation has enabled off-grid solar solutions that help people on the move. That mobile approach also helps lighting up those areas that do not have easy access to a reliable source of grid power.

Products like solar-powered lanterns and mobile solar light towers and solar gadgets have reached areas that needed an easy mobile energy solution. All gadgets and appliances that can be directly charged using solar power fit into the category of mobile solar solutions.

solar solutions

Source: https://www.homepower.com/solar-trailers

Find A Teacher For Your Solar Education

Window tinting and mobile solar solutions only scratch the surface of what is a sea of information available today on the Internet. This information can guide you step by step on your path towards achieving the clean energy nirvana.

The thing that needs to be considered while you conduct your research and educate yourself, is finding the right teacher.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

SEIA is a national trade association in the United States and comprises of members who are involved in research, manufacturing, distribution, financing and setting up of solar projects across the world.  The association is an amalgamation of people from all areas like installers and engineers, who make up the solar industry.

Its website is an extensive information source regarding the current solar policies, key issues, and the latest news from the solar world. Research reports, fact sheets, updates about technological advancements and innovations in the solar industry can easily be found on their website along with updated analysis on various aspects related to solar.

The website contains quite a lot of educative and informative material about the benefits of going solar. This is a website that it is referred to by several US government agencies.

Solar Reviews

You want to go solar but with so many installers in the market, sometimes the decision becomes difficult to make. SolarReviews is a private web portal that publishes solar solutions reviews about solar installers to promote good practices in the field. Likely customers can evaluate the installers on the basis of their published performance. Selecting a reputable and efficient installer helps the customer gain a positive experience when shifting to solar power. 

SolarReviews has information on solar in the form of diagrams with an explanation about it in fairly simple terms. You can search to find a solar installer in your area. The search results include the names of installers along with their performance ratings.


Geostellar presents an overview of the solar industry, including some positive and negative aspects. Its aim is to impart education to potential solar customers. There are testimonials from people who have installed solar technology on their homes and gives the story of their life since going solar.

The website has a solar calculator, gives quotes on solar installations and estimates the possible value of the savings from choosing solar. The website goes through the steps of solar installation from estimates about the solar system, design considerations, installation process, and power generation.


Blogs like this one are an informative platform for the users to understand the finer points of solar power in simple language. You can learn about:

Solar Solutions To The End Of The Road

Most developing countries today are aiming towards achieving solar dependence. Environmental concerns are playing out in many governing bodies. The greatest impact government environmental agencies can provide is sharing relevant information about solar energy solutions. That way people who need to choose among a range of options can make that choice to use a renewable energy solution with a little more certainty.

Reduced prices of solar panels have played a key role in encouraging people to choose solar PV panels as their source of electrical energy.

This website provides information that educates and informs on a range of solar options.

Feel free to share this with your friends considering a renewable energy option for power in the future.

There is a comments section below if you would like to add to feedback or discuss your experiences with solar.

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